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Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads

Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads

Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads    Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads
Drilled and grooved 4 nail 257mm ventilated brake discs d_ g_2509 with brembo pads. This product sheet is originally written in English.

Please find an automatic translation in French below. If you have any questions please contact us. Improved discs and front pads.

Brake discs ventilated from 257 mm to 4 studs pierced and grooved d_g_2509 with brembo pads. Brake discs pierced and grooved. Type of brake disc: ventilated. Thickness of brake disc [mm]: 22. Number of assembly weights: 4.

Improve the appearance and braking power of your braking system with our distinctive pierced and grooved brake discs. Offering not only a sporty and aggressive appearance, our improved discs are precisely finished by the latest cnc machines to provide reliable and superior performance in the most extreme conditions, wet or dry.

Our pierced and grooved brake discs are made to fine tolerances and rigorous specifications, for uniform thickness and hardness and easy assembly. The use of high-quality materials alone ensures that they are effectively resistant to constant heating and cooling, and are highly resistant to warping. No further changes are required because our drives are compatible with your standard stirrups! To add even more value, we've combined our hugely popular pierced and grooved discs with authentic brembo pads for an excellent combination of stopping power!

All brembo spare parts are certified original or equivalent to the originals, in accordance with the 461/2010 regulation, which allows them to be used for the maintenance of motor vehicles even during their warranty period without compromising its validity. Benefits of using our pierced and grooved brake discs. The grooves clean the surface of the pads, prevent glazing and increase the brake faces (the leading edges of the grooves). Brake discoloration is reduced as thermal dissipation is improved. Good brake bite thanks to the material of the pads forced into the grooves/holes and an increased braking zone (attack edges).

Gases formed during the braking cycle can escape from the braking surface. Weight lighter than standard drives. Please note that the image on the list is universal for illustration purposes only; check the dimensions and the assembly/compatibility information to make sure you're ordering the right part for your vehicle. We are committed to providing the best possible quality of service to our customers.

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Please contact us within 30 days of delivery to notify the return intention so that we can discuss any issues and authorize the return. Home about returns display the comments main description asc quality braking oe with brembo pads d_g_2509_bp total thickness [mm]: 40 additional information payment info back information return information: contact us contact us: return policy. Brake disc thickness [mm]: 22. Number of mounting borons: 4. The item \"pierced and grooved 4 nail 257mm ventilated brake discs d g 2509 with brembo pads\" is on sale since Monday, January 4, 2021.

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  1. reference number oe/oem: ddf1304
  2. brake disc thickness: brake disc thickness [mm]: 22
  3. type of brake disc: type brake disc: ventilated
  4. mark: asc braking
  5. wheel dungeons: number of bore supports: 4
  6. manufacturer's coin number: d_g_2509_bp
  7. combination thickness: combination thickness [mm]: 40
  8. external diameter disc [mm]: 257
  9. location on the vehicle: position attachment: front axle

Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads    Drill And Rainuré 4 Clou 257mm Ventilated Brake Discs D G 2509 With Brembo Pads