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Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension

Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension
Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension

Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension   Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension

Monroe cb0202 damper cab suspension. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French.

If you have questions please contact us. Monroe cb0202 cab suspension damper. Info: type of damper = Pressure spring design of oil = helical spring.

Get the right part for the first time. Please ensure you check the notes section in the left panel of compatibility. If in doubt, please ask so you get the right part the first time. With a network of 14 advanced engineering centers on five continents, Tenneco is at the forefront of technology to the market for original equipment. Tenneco meets the needs of its customers - including Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Daimler, BMW, psa Peugeot Citroen, Nissan and Shanghai Automotive (saic) - adjusting expertly driving any vehicle to specification the most demanding.

Here is an overview of our latest technology to our ride control products including. CVSA - semi active continuous variable. Trains and heavy weight shock absorbers.

Corner modules and complete axle. Our award-winning shock-sensitive damping acceleration (asd) offers both a soft and comfortable ride and handling of farm road. The technology is a mechanical valve system that instantly changes the damping force to adjust driving the vehicle impact and changes in road surface. As a new generation of shock absorber, damping frequency dependent is environmentally friendly - it uses no oil.

The damper can be mounted in any position and has a damping performance more consistent over a wide temperature range. Our damping technology micro-amplitude (mad) is a hydraulic circuit responsive to the position designed to eliminate energy transfer caused by imbalances of the tires.

This circuit is designed to react directly to the displacement of the damper. Semi-active suspension continuously variable (CVSA).

Offer of new generation capacity for handling and driving comfort. CVSA is a semi-active suspension system that continuously adjusts the damping levels according to road and driving conditions. In the heart of CVSA is an advanced system of valves manufactured by Tenneco. The valves are integrated with an electronic controller and chassis sensors and work together to provide the damping characteristics most advanced.

CVSA was marketed for the first time on the Volvo S60R and V70R performance vehicles in 2003, offering sporty driving with a luxury sedan comfort. Kinetic suspension systems use technology that improves stability, maneuverability and vehicle ride comfort and helps reduce the risk of vehicle rollover. Kinetic suspension technology can be adapted to cvs market. This passive system profitable improves vehicle stability by reducing vehicle roll while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Integrated CVSA kinetic system h2. This technology combines the kinetic h2 passive system with CVSA damper valves to provide a continuous controlled damping and stiffness to the high rolling with a reduced joint stiffness.

Designed for sports cars and SUVs upscale, this intelligent system allows for both comfort and handling, as well as offers all the advantages of a semi-active suspension. Shock oversized for high capacity requirements.

Optimal control even at full load. Designed for off road & on road.

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  1. reference number oe / OEM: 1793982 1923647 2023669 2023671 <\/ li>
  2. damper support type: high eyelet <\/ li>
  3. Type damper: oil pressure <\/ li>
  4. ean: 5412096471544 <\/ li>
  5. mounting damper type_1: low fork <\/ li>
  6. spring model: coil spring <\/ li>
  7. manufacturer part number: cb0202 <\/ li>
  8. object status: new <\/ li>
  9. brand: monroe <\/ li>
  10. damper system: Double <\/ li> tube
  11. Unit amount: single <\/ li>
  12. Additional Article / Supplementary Info: with spring <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension   Monroe Cb0202 Shock Cab Suspension