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Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur

Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur

Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur    Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur

Rsr intake air temperature display load ansaugtemperatur green. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Digital display h / w / d: 22/45/72 mm display / color: 4 digits / green display / voltage: measuring 3 x per second / 12v sensor: NiCr-Ni Type k 1.5 mm x 100 mm / inconel measurement from -200 to 950 ° c, foldable and suited to high pressure and vibration sensor cable applications: 3 m long, silk glass up to 400 ° c compression fitting: m8 x 1 x 1.5 mm steel stainless v2a welding nut: m8 x 1 connection cable 1m bifilar (2x1m) 1.5 mm² display weight: 180 grams. The vehicle operating list is only a sample list and need not be 100% correct! A universal set temperature display of the air intake 12v with a digital display of the green temperature, a 1.5 mm thick temperature sensor (up to 950 ° C) with a cable fiberglass 3 m (400 ° C), a compression fitting stainless steel M8x1 for 1.5mm sensors, M8x1 welding nut for compression fitting and 1 m wire cable 1.5 mm² the supply connection.

The set consists of: 1 x 1 x sensor screen ast ast 3 mm x 1.5 m x 1 compression fitting m8 x 1.5 mm x 1 weld nut m8 x 1 1 x 1m cable with two son. The set includes all the parts for installation, including the compression fitting! Other sensors, compression fittings and assemblies can be found in the sub shop displays / instruments - temperature exhaust gas / egt - accessories. You will receive instructions with guide values, the pin assignment, instructions for installation and setting. The announcement fits all vehicles, cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

With voltage of 12V board. You will find detailed information on the different rooms in tech. Warning, the sensor is thick, less the temperature is displayed because the sensors react more slowly to temperature fluctuations, the thicker 1.5 mm sensors that are not suitable to display the exact temperature, the temperature peaks are not displayed .

Our sensors are high quality products from German production, not comparable with cheap products! We use only the glass fiber (400 ° C) as wiring insulation for the sensor because the mainly green silicone cables that can resist temperatures of 200 ° C and can be limited with many conversions or turbo engines considerably increased in the collector area!

The sensor has a 1.5 mm thickness and therefore reacts extremely rapidly to fluctuations in temperature, which is very important in the pressure system intake / supercharger as temperatures change very quickly when the load changes. Thicker sensors (2, 3, 4 mm) react more slowly, which means that the peak temperatures (maximum temperatures) are not displayed! The sensor is foldable for high pressures and vibrations! With the clamping ring and the welding nut, the sensor can be screwed into the intake pipe, conducting charge air / llk or in the intake manifold, with the llk or the intake manifold a M8x1 thread can be cut directly, then nothing needs to be welded. In addition, the sensor cable is 3 m long, so it can be installed easily and there are also positions as such. Pillar is possible for the display, if the cable is too long it can be shortened. An extension is possible only with special connectors!

The inlet temperature display is required to display the engine inlet temperature or engine loaded to display the temperature before or after llk lkk / intake manifold. If the temperature is measured before and after llk you can eg. Detect if the llk is too small, with a good llk temperature after llk under load (full speed) is only slightly higher than the outside temperature! The temperature according llk is very important here, each degree is the ps in general: 10 ° c temperature suction cooler approx.

3% more power, 200 hp, which means approx. Due to the cooler air, the ignition angle or the boost pressure can then be increased, which brings new performance! The display should not be missing in any conversion turbo / compressor or standard engine with improved performance because it is the only way to know if the intake system / charge air is effective!

Installation should only be performed by qualified personnel! The item \\other\The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

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    Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur    Rsr Temperature On The Air Show Admission Green Load Ansaugtemperatur