Fiat Opel Vauxhall

Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf

Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf

Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf   Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf

Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, fiat croma 1.9 diesel particulate filter dpf. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. 9-3, Vauxhall Vectra & Signum 1.9, fiat croma 1.9 & 2.4.

Opel Signum 1.9 cdti (motor z19dt, z19dth) 01 / 2004-3 / 2008. Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti (motor z19dt, z19dth, z19dtl) 01 / 2004-3 / 2008.

Fiat croma 1.9 jtd (motor 939a1, 939a2, 939a7) 06 / 2005-12 / 2011. Fiat croma 2.4 jtd (motor 939a3) 08 / 2005-12 / 2011. Saab 9-3 1.9 tid (a19dtr engines z19dt, z19dth, z19dtr) 06 / 2004-12 / 2010.

Combined filter diesel particles and catalytic converter. Please provide your vehicle registration number on the purchase of this article so that we can confirm that you have ordered the correct part. Please also provide your phone number so we can give it to the mail. Installation Information and list please note that while we strive to ensure that this list is as accurate as possible, there may be spare parts suitable for your vehicle.

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We ask the customer to check the fit before ordering. We also ask that the registration number in the UK or the vehicle chassis number if you purchase from outside of the United Kingdom to be provided during the payment (even if the assembly was checked beforehand).

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Price batsman while striving to be competitive, our pricing policy is subject to our discretion, and we reserve the right to refuse an offer to beat the price of a competitor. DPF's Guide for installation and fault finding important note: if you replace your diesel particulate filter, it is likely that a fault occurred elsewhere on the vehicle or the driving style caused its failure. A complete failure diagnosis must be performed by a fully trained technician with proper diagnostic equipment to determine if the dpf must be replaced. The checks in this guide must be performed before replacement to ensure that the new dpf working properly when installed.

By not making these checks, the new dpf could crash shortly after replacement. Unlike a catalytic converter, dpf is not a circulation device is a soot trap that collects particulate matter in exhaust emissions. The exhaust gases flow into the dpf but can not exit through the same channel as the output is blocked. The gases escape through the porous cell walls, but the particles are too large to escape and are trapped in the dpf. The dpf eliminates the soot during a process called \On a vehicle functioning, regeneration will occur about every 500 miles (depends significantly of the vehicle and driving conditions).

Why dpf fail the most common reason for failure dpf is that it has become too \It is easy in this case to simply assume that the dpf is at fault and replace, but if no diagnostic work is done, it is likely that the new dpf fail quickly (within 200 miles) the best initial investigation source of information is the owner / driver of the vehicle. The information they provide can be invaluable for identifying the defect.

If the car moves mainly in town or city, it is likely that the dpf has not reached the optimum temperature to regenerate and be \If the car moves a lot on the motorway and has 6 gears and the engine speed is sometimes so low that the exhaust temperature is not high enough for regeneration to occur. A harder occasional driving at low speed should be enough to burn soot in such cases. How long the dpf light is lit dpf many problems are caused by simply ignoring the lights that indicate the dpf must be regenerated. Once the dpf is filled to about 45%, the electronic control unit of the vehicle changes the timing of fuel injection to increase the exhaust temperature to burn particulate matter.

If the path ended at this stage are stopped / started, the conditions for regeneration may not be completed and the light will come on indicating that the dpf starts to crash. It should be possible to clear this warning while driving at speeds above 50 mph for about 20 minutes (the engine must run at a minimum of 2,500 rev / min). If the warning light continues to be ignored or if the regeneration conditions are not met, the level of soot in the dpf continue to increase, and about 75% full, the dpf must be regenerated by a dealer or a specialized garage. You can also expect that other lights of the dashboard are illuminated.

If warnings are still ignored and soot levels increase approximately 95%, you can expect that the vehicle is put in \-pressure increase caused by blocked dpf. At this point, the dpf can not be regenerated and must be replaced. The vehicle he was revised recently, or has she changed oil?

If the vehicle has recently been revised, it should verify that the correct type of oil was used. Most dpf vehicles require a special type of oil with low ash content and the use of incorrect oil can cause problems during the regeneration process. If the vehicle uses a system of additives to assist in the regeneration, it is necessary to verify that the additive tank has been filled. The additive tank is normally located near the fuel tank. Diagnostic checks and installation before mounting the dpf of diagnostic checks must be carried out with an error code reader appropriate to establish the codes contained in the ECU.

A full test of components listed below should also be performed because a fault with one of them, alone or in combination, could cause failure of the dpf. Remember that a default unresolved the vehicle turns the engine management light generally prevent the regeneration trigger process and, therefore, the dpf will be blocked.

Pipes and pressure sensors dpf - checks should be made to ensure that all pipes are not damaged or clogged and the differential pressure sensor is working properly. It is recommended to replace the differential pressure sensor when mounting a new dpf. Oil level - if the oil level is high, it indicates that it was contaminated with fuel after failed regeneration attempts. Extra fuel for increasing the temperature of the exhaust gas can get into the crankcase contaminating the lubricating oil, sometimes causing a crash as the engine can start operating uncontrollably on its crankcase oil. An oil change is necessary.

Specifications of oil - check the oil with low ash content was used. Fuel Additive (if applicable) - Check the level of fuel additive and fill the additive tank if necessary. There is usually a manufacturer's procedure to be followed to reprogram the ECU to the new level of additive.

Checks sensors - Check all sensors (temperature of the exhaust gas and oxygen sensors) to ensure they are working properly. Egr system - verify that the valve exhaust gas recirculation works properly, it is not blocked and is waterproof.

At a minimum, the egr valve must be removed, cleaned and checked before replacing the dpf. A defective EGR valve, clogged or leaky cause blocking of dpf.

Installation and configuration dpf once the fault that caused the failure of the previous dpf has been corrected, the new dpf can be installed. The new dpf must be mounted loosely to align properly with the rest of the exhaust system before tightening it. An appropriate diagnostic tool will be necessary to reset the ECU according to the manufacturer's instructions. This includes telling the car a new dpf has been installed, to reset the counter of ash and to calibrate the differential pressure sensor.

Failure of the configuration process will result in blocking the new dpf because the vehicle does not know that a new dpf was installed and consequently the regeneration system has not been reset. A forced regeneration can be part of the reset procedure and some vehicles may require a software update from the computer. If all instructions have been followed, a new dpf aftermarket work the same way as the unit of oe specification before failure.

We met a misdiagnosed vehicle / configured to block a new dpf within 50 miles, about 200 miles but is most common. A new dpf must be installed by a mechanic / competent garage that has the required level of diagnostic equipment necessary to complete the setup procedure after installation - the non-compliance with this requirement may void the warranty if the procedures in this guide were not followed, the new dpf could lock in very little time and can not be regenerated.

All our ceramic catalytic converters are guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer. Although every effort is made to ensure that our catalytic converters will not fall down, sometimes a problem with the vehicle will cause them to crash. The following issues are not covered by warranty. Damage to the road there is external damage to the catalyst by hitting solid objects on the road, that is to say the speed ramps. Clogged or contaminated clogged or contaminated catalytic converters are caused by using the wrong type of fuel in your car. The use of leaded fuel or lead replacement clog the monolith and cause discontinuation. A similar situation will occur if fuel additives are not suitable for use with a catalytic converter. Oil fouled it is due to the fact that oil enters the exhaust system and contaminates the catalytic converter. The most likely cause is a faulty gasket or seal. Substrate off the monolith is usually broken when impacted by an object or when subjected to a sudden temperature change.

If the catalyst undergoes road damage, the inner monolith may be cracked due to its compression by the movement of the steel box. The use of exhaust paste before the catalyst can cause breakage of the monolith. When the dough exhaust cured, small pellets may break off and enter the catalytic converter. The monolith will be gradually destroyed by the pellets and will decompose. The catalytic converter can also be damaged by excessive vibration of the engine.

Overheating many problems can cause overheating or failure of the catalytic converter. The most common cause is unburned fuel entering the catalytic converter.

Spark plugs of or faulty ignition son will lead to engine misfire, sending unburned fuel in the catalytic converter, leading to overheating and failure. A oxygen sensor oxygen collecting sensor readings and sends information to the electronic control unit. This information is used to control the air / fuel mixture. If the oxygen sensor is defective, the air / fuel mixture will not be corrected and the excess fuel enters the catalytic converter, which cause overheating and failure. B Fuel injection systems if a fuel injector is leaking inside or streams of fuel into the engine, the excess fuel enters the exhaust system, causing overheating and failure of the catalytic converter. C the cartographic map sensors sensors indicate to the electronic control unit of the engine load and the amount of fuel which enters it. If a card sensor fails, the engine is running too rich, resulting in overheating and failure of the catalytic converter. D carburetor systems a worn or defective carburetor can cause overheating and failure of the catalytic converter. E control the purge valve of the tank this vacuum valve discharges the vapor fuel bowl of the carburetor to the ink cartridge charcoal. If the vacuum is broken, the cartridge charcoal will be flooded, which will make the fuel / air mixture too rich, resulting in overheating of the catalytic converter and a failure. If you think that your catalytic converter is defective if you have reason to believe that your catalytic converter is defective, your first contact should be to fill in the warranty claim form through our website.

If your vehicle has failed the test of word emissions or if your catalytic converter vibrates or is blocked, you will need to include a scanned copy of an engine emissions report. If necessary (provided no emissions report), the catalytic converter must be removed and returned to the manufacturer.

You are responsible for return shipping costs. We suggest you use a traceable carrier to provide proof of delivery. On arrival at the manufacturer, the catalytic converter will be carefully inspected to determine if a warranty claim is justified. Guaranteed diesel particulate filter dpf is only covered by the warranty in case of structural failure.

Dpf blocked is not covered by warranty because the problem is upstream of the dpf. The most common causes of a blocked dpf are listed below. A newly installed dpf will lock if the fault that caused the original filter blocking has not been corrected before mounting the replacement.

After installation, the main electronic control unit must be readjusted to the new dpf. If the correct configuration process is complete, the recovery process does not start and dpf is blocked. A defect associated with a component (differential pressure sensor, sensor temperature of the exhaust gas recirculation valve of the exhaust gas) will prevent the regeneration process to start and dpf will be blocked.

When the dpf light comes on, you must follow the instructions of the owner's manual, failure to observe this could result in blocking dpf. Dpf which uses an additive to help the regeneration process should never be driven without this fluid as this may cause a blocked dpf.

On most vehicles, the regeneration will not occur when the fuel light is on or if less than 10 liters of fuel in the tank. The use of a quality and an incorrect engine oil type may cause blockage dpf. It is not advisable to operate a vehicle equipped with dpf biodiesel fuel because it can block dpf. The driving style or type of covered paths that do not allow the vehicle to meet the correct settings for active regeneration result in blocking a dpf. Welcome cats2u audi bmw mercedes volkswagen fiat subaru ford hyundai kia jaguar product description (mounting kit included) availability of delivery Europe stocks remaining terms and conditions 1.

Definitions world \stoppered mounting dpf original warranty damage survey route, or contaminated oil contaminated substrate broken overheating oxygen sensor. Increase sales abroad with the global list WebInterpret solution. The item \spare \ systems transmit \ particulate filters. \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. reference number oe / OEM: 55187619 <\/ li>
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  3. manufacturer part number: vx6068t <\/ li>
  4. Another part number: bm11027h <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf   Saab 9-3, Opel Vectra & Signum, Fiat Croma 1.9 Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf